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As Independent advisers, we will always offer the best products available in the marketplace. Performance depends on the funds selected. All charges are explained in detail and we also have a follow-up call to ask the client, once again, if they have understood the fees related to their investment.
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Well having paid into a retirement plan up to 2005, I finally caught up with de Vere in 2015 (email via contact us on their website eventually yields results). The long and short of it is that the fees exceed the investment revenue and in fact I've lost money in real terms.

To add insult to injury the "adviser" stated that it wasn't worth his while looking after my account.

On the plus side de Vere didn't deny my account existed (I'd heard that story from former colleagues) but as far as investment advisers go a High Street bank would serve you better.

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

Monetary Loss: $10000.

Devere Group Cons: High charges, Service response.

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