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As part of its ongoing global growth strategy, deVere chose to withdraw from Belgium as part of its restructure in Europe. deVere service clients from a new, highly regulated team in the UK under the FCA. deVere can provide better services and products to clients from this team. UAM is a fund distributor. The Strategic Growth fund managers/administers are voting in the next few weeks to side pocket the illiquid assets and set up a new tradable fund.

This is not a compliant but more of a fact find.

Does anyone know why deVere had their Belguim licence revoked?

Apparently this stopped them opperating in some other EU coutries because they were using the Belguim licence as leverage, can anyone shed further light on this subject?

I read something interesting on International Advisor about their UAM FUnd being locked down with up to $50M of client money inside- be helpful if I could get an update on this too.

Thank you in advance for your help-happy campers!

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