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deVere Group work on a referral basis with clients recommending us to other people. We work hard as company to build a good reputation and try to serve the communities in which we work. If anyone does receive an impolite call we would urge them to contact our central office so that we can deal their complaints. As one of the most regulated IFA’s in the world, deVere Group are proud to offer its clients the very best financial advice available.

Reading through most of the devere complaints I have to say that his is our experience of De Vere's too. They were extremely keen to sell a product (and in the case of my colleague lied about some of the information which she discovered later) and after that were only interested in getting referals, not the maintaining the investments.

In fact one time we were told "Well there's not much point me coming to see you if you can't give me any more referrals."

We now go to a really professional outfit, who make their money by charging a % of what they earn for you per 1/4.

So it makes sense for them to be on top of how the investments are doing. I don't mind paying, but I expect professional service.

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I doubt whether many of the complaints about de Vere are posted by competitors. There re just too many people who have been cunningly misled by de Vere's "representatives".

The FSA and the Ombudsman can be of no help as de Vere skipped suddenly to Malta and are thus beyond their jurisdiction.

Having taken nearly all my savings in the most appalling manner, Generali demand a further £11,000 to release me from my disastrous portfolio which promised so much.


If only we had checked out de Vere on the internet before giving them anything. Once signed up they couldn't care what they've let you in for.

Mis-selling, misrepresentating, lack of information - before abandoning you.

My "Adviser" simply disappeared into the blue.

They're a shower. Particularly sign nothing given you by MARK SLEVIN.

I have made a full posting of my disastrous experiences.


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