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As the world’s leading independent international financial consultancy, we strive to provide the very best customer service to our clients. We are sorry to hear that you have had some difficulty and will look into our customer service operation to ensure that it remains of the utmost quality.
Basel, Basel-Stadt

Although I was recommended DeVere group I had a disapointing experience. Based in Basel Switzerland, over a period of 18 months I had 3 different account managers.

I was never informed and had to find out afterwards. Quarterly updates and half yearly meetings were promised in reality I had to push for receiving updates and advise. When I moved abroad I authorized and signed for a portfolio change, which was never executed. I have taken the management of my protfolio into my own hands until I find a better and more reliable partner.

I am sure DeVere Groups is a leading company in its field, but it is as good as the customer facing people it hires and I did not have a good experience. I hope this is of help.

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

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