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The opportunity we offer to aspiring wealth consultants is tough but ultimately rewarding. Our comprehensive training programme ensures that all our advisers are fully qualified with internationally recognised qualifications. Our advisers are continuously developed to...
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Bangkok, Krung Thep
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deVere Group purchased Oxford International Financial Management, for which Iyad Hayel previously worked, towards the end of 2015. Iyad Hayel does not work for deVere Group. Your issue with Iyad Hayel to which you refer started years before deVere Group acquired...
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Amsterdam, North Holland
$50 M of deVere client money was recently locked down in Nigel Green's UAM Fund that he had his secretary Bev Yoemans front. International Advisor reported this astonishing news last week (May 2013). Nigel Green is no stranger to running his own funds into trouble,...
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I love devere cos thay trane me proper to sell financel producs and earn loadz dosh. I ave a rite good life working like a slave for those t0ssers!! :cry


The deVere Group has returned almost £70,000 to an investor after an internal investigation found the client had not received the best advice.According to an article published...

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With 70,000 clients worldwide and $9 billion under advice and management, deVere Group are the words largest and most regulated IFA. All deVere consultants are fully qualified financial planners, providing sound impartial advice. deVere Group consultants do not have...
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Bath, England
We offer trusted international financial planning to over 80,000 clients around the world. Our client base continues to grow due to the exclusive investment products we offer and the effective financial planning our fully qualified financial advisers provide. As the...
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Quezon City, Manila
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As the most regulated independent financial consultancy in the world, deVere Group strictly adhere to international regulatory laws. By partnering with some of the world’s most respected investment providers, deVere are able to provide clients with trusted financial...
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There are a lot of varying reviews about deVere Group online, but I must say that from my own experience, I am delighted to have joint deVere Group as a trainee Wealth Adviser. I recently met deVere CEO Nigel Green and after a brief chat, it was evident that Nigel is...
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deVere Group provides expert independent advice to clients all over the world. Together with our high level of service, our fully-qualified financial advisers work closely with clients to help them choose the best investments based on their personal circumstances to...
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Vevey, Vaud
Devere Group - DeVere have lost my wife and I a lot of money and caused us a lot of stress
Dear Mr Keown, Further to your original complaint on Pissed Consumer, we have raised your queries with the respective teams who have both been in contact with you in the meantime. Additionally, external lawyers acting on behalf of deVere Group have also made contact...
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Dubai, Dubai

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deVere Group strictly adhere to international laws to ensure that only the very best advice is delivered to clients. Being the most regulated brokerage in the world, deVere are required to randomly call clients to check that all necessary paperwork was provided at the...
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