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During the interview stages, we make sure that potential recruits understand all the elements involved with working with us. Working in financial services is tough and not everyone is cut out for it. We provide world class training and support to all our employees which has become evident in our exponential growth over the years. Recruits DO get the opportunity to work in one of our 70 offices worldwide should there be a position open for them. As the world’s leading IFA with over 70,000 active clients around the world, we are confident that we are doing something right.

Devere group headhunters called me and invited me to the interview. The information they have provided to me on the phone was a complete lie.

They said that the pay in your first year is 40k and in second year is 100k plus you can choose to work in any of their 70 offices worldwide. They did not mention that salary is 100% based on comission and that you have to pay your travel expenses. Also they did not mention on the phone that they expect you to walk around looking for wealthy clients and do cold calling.This company is a liar. They seem serious but it a waste of time and money.

Watch out. When it seems too good to be true it usually is not true.

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